Monday, February 09, 2009

mavillette and food week

I had a chance last week to take a quick photo stop on my way to see a student, on a very sunny day. Do you see why I love it here? See?
And I found my new dream house, which happens to look directly at the view in the first photo.
It even has a soap shed. And someone else has done all of the work to fix it up.

Next week will be Food Week! Keep thinking about those recipes you'd like to share with the blogosphere.
Monday - Breakfast
Tuesday - Lunch
Wednesday (you guessed it!) - Supper
Thursday - Vegetable (a vegetarian vegetable dish)
Friday - Dessert

They can be recipes you've already posted, ones you have in your head - anything goes. What I want is your very best recipe (by my standards) in each category. Very best. By best, I mean it's relatively simple, delicious, and quick, using mostly ingredients I would have in my pantry already. And hey, since I'm making up the rules, no boxed ingredients in the recipes (like boxes of jello, packages of cake mix, or canned soup). Boxed broth and frozen phyllo or puff pastry are fine. (I love making up the rules!) Really, though, I'm not going to boycott your post if it doesn't strictly meet all of those requirements - I just want more recipes to add to my collection. Now that you have the outline, you have one week to decide which recipes you'll post, and we'll start one week from today. Happy Monday - I hope that your week started off well.


Vickie LeBlanc said...

Hey, you can't have that house. It's already taken - by me. That is my all time favorite house in this area. I know the guy that owns it and his character fits the house like a glove. It's a small world - Kristen over at Dandelion Trail knows him too (or I should say, her husband knows him).

I have most of my recipes lined up for next week.

andrew said...

I'll introduce you to the owner this summer when we come by for a visit to the south shore. I've stayed in the house. Soooo cozy! He has lots of pics pf the inside on Facebook. Become my friend on FB and I'll send you the links.

Austen said...

Oh, beautiful. What a house, and what a view. You just don't see that in this neck of the woods! We had a warm spell over the weekend and I was thinking that if I was in NS we'd be piling in the car for a drive to the beach, hoping for just such a sight.

sunmamma said...

I'm excited!!! I love food!

Sarah C said...

I love reading your blog, Sherrie - but man it makes me homesick sometimes!

Stacey J. said... that house!!! I need one like it too!

I can't wait for food week!! YAY!!!!!

Alli said...

I am looking forward to food week and all the lovely recipes!