Saturday, February 14, 2009

summer is coming... someday... and decluttering

As of this morning, I'm tired of winter. I have these little beachy tidbits on the windowsill in the kitchen, since going-to-the-beach weather can't come soon enough.

Have I told you that I've been cleaning out the house like a madwoman lately? It's been a process, over the course of several months, really. And of course, there's always room for more. But lately I've been very productive. I think I've just had enough of 'stuff'. If it's not useful, beautiful, needed, or used, out it goes. I've taken bags and bags of stuff to the Salvation Army (everything from clothes to curtains to housewares), Freecycled some things, and some (holy boxes, Batman!) was just garbage and/or recycling that had to be cleared out. I highly recommend the process. I feel like I've lost twenty pounds - it's that satisfying. I have less stuff to look after and take care of, and what I do have is stuff I enjoy and use.

Here's a tip if you're thinking that the whole thing sounds too overwhelming to tackle at your home - tuck a garbage bag somewhere out of the way (I have one in my bedroom closet). Every time you come across something and think "I haven't used/worn this in ages!" or "I never did like this" or "Why do I still have this?", instead of putting it back where you found it, into the bag it goes. When the bag is full, donate it and start a new one.

I'm excited for some nice Spring days to come - Adam and I are going to make a date, send P to visit his grandparents', and clean the shed. Properly. (Seriously, this is the kind of thing I find exciting.) The last time that was done was a few days before Phillip was born, so it is well beyond needing to be done again.

What cleaning projects do you have on your list? Do you enjoy decluttering? Is a weekend spent organizing a room better than chocolate to you? Is alphabetizing right up your alley? Do tell!


Amber said...

Well, you know how I feel about all this. ;)

Amazing feeling, getting rid of things. I am planning a Salvation Army run Monday if I get everything out in time. Can't wait!

Good luck with your future hot shed-cleaning date. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have been on a purging kick for a while (I receive the enewslttr to spur me on), but it's very, very slow going. Glacial advance is faster than my cleaning out the house. Lots more work to be done, but we've also donated/Freecycled many things already. Even just 20 yrs of marriage seem to gather too much cr*p. :}

sunmamma said...

Every once in a while I go on a de-cluttering rampage.. I get rid of tons of stuff. I hate stuff too. No need for it! Usually this coincides with a change in the weather so once the weather warms a bit I will likely start de-cluttering again.

The Wool Fairy said...

Ah! I can so relate. It is so liberating to make room to breathe. My focus this year is on limiting the acquisitions so I only acquire things that are beautiful and needed. Hard to resist temptations sometimes! Hopefully this will reduce my urge to purge in the future.

Just fell upon your blog and have been enjoying the read!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

I love decluttering. It feels so great afterwards. I know I should only keep what we use and need (and stuff of sentimental value) but sometimes it's very, very hard to get rid of certain things... so I keep them :-)

Heidi said...

I've been dying for a chance to go through every inch of my house and clear out junk. I love the bag idea. I'll have to give that one a try!

Alli said...

I am always decluttering. I feel like I always have a bag for the Sally Ann on the go...I just did my kitchen a a few weeks it felt good and now I know where everything is!!! As much as I love decluttering, I also love piles. Little piles of paper, small piles of clothes to be re-used since they are not dirty...all tucked neatly away into a corner where most people won't notice. ;)

Joslyn said...

there is very little that i enjoy more than a good decluttering! yours sounds quite successful!