Monday, October 03, 2005

Wonderful weekend

No pictures yet; my fabulous husband was the photographer at our fantastic friends' wedding reception. The event was held in their backyard near the ocean on the most stunning early October day imaginable. The theme was medieval, so mostly everyone dressed up for the occasion. There was a pig roast for the meal, dancing lessons on the lawn, and a pretty decent band. There were torches all around the tables, candles everywhere, including about 160 in Mason jars strung up around the perimeter of the lawn. After dark, it was incredible. And fireworks, too! Defnitely my favourite wedding reception so far (including my own, although that was fun as well). I'll definitely get some pictures up when we get them back. And the best part was that some great friends of ours came from Saint John (New Brunswick) for the weekend. We had a spendiferous time with them, discussing Orthodoxy and life in general. We went over to Matt and Annie's (bride and groom) for breakfast on Sunday morning and had one of the greasiest and most delicious breakfasts ever, complete with maple bacon and some awful smoked sausages. Then we went to a beautiful beach for a nice long walk, and on Sunday afternoon Matt and Annie opened their gifts. The whole event was so nice. I'm just basking in it now. Annie, Charlotte and I went to Frenchy's and I found a cute little Old Navy sleeper and a Baby Gap bib for Maeve (50 cents each), a beautiful scarf for a friend's Christmas gift (1.50) a brand new Old Navy bright red hat and scarf set (still have the tags on) and a few books (Sophie's World, Emily Post's Etiquette (gag gift). I also found a very cool pink blouse for me and a shirt for Adam.

Back to the pig roast... I'm not a vegetarian, but after that meal I can definitely understand the reasoning some people have. This giant pig was brought out on a large wooden spine board kind of thing, and it still had the head and skin on. I'm not sure what we were expecting, but it was quite disturbing. The skin was all leathery and crispy - the chef poked into it with his knife, kind of peeled it off the back, and then started scraping the fat off of the meat with the back of the knife. When he started, he was brusquely saying to his assistant "Get me gloves" because the fat was all spewy. This was all right in front of Matt, Annie and I (I was the maid of honour). They weren't really expecting it either. And the pig didn't even have an apple in its mouth, so its bottom jaw gaped floppingly open with its eyes shrivelled up and its ears poofed up like balloons. But it tasted amazing and there was a really great date sauce the chef had made to go with it that was really delicious. Look on the bright side, I guess.

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Josh said...

Heya Sherrie,

I loved the description of Matthew and Annie's reception! I can't wait for the photos!! :) See you soooooooooooonnnn.....

Beth :P