Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ahhh, summer

Ahhh, summer is one of my favourite times of year. We always get to see family and friends we don't see for the other 10/12ths of the year, and that's always lovely. We've also been busy trying to get out lots to enjoy the summer while it's here. Hence the reduced frequency of blog posts! We stopped briefly at Mavillette beach (about 30 minutes from here) on our way to drop off our friends at the ferry yesterday - it was beautiful, warm, sunny, and sandy, if a little overcast. My in-laws and one set of Adam's grandparents are here for a few days (it's really lovely to see them with Phillip) so I just might find some new Frenchy's finds to post about in the next couple of days. Now it's time to get up from your chair and either go outside and enjoy a deep breath of fresh air (depending on where you live, it might not be that fresh, I suppose) or do something unexpectedly nice for someone. Or both!


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous man and a cute kid!!

from an anonymous lady who was also at the beach that day :)

sherrieg said...

I agree! :)