Thursday, July 26, 2007

nice things

We ate at Rudder's, a local brew pub and restaurant, last night for supper with Adam's folks. It was delicious (I highly recommend the Captain's Fish Burger on focaccia), and I took a couple of pictures of decorate-y things I love. One is these wooden shutters, painted a perfect green with cream walls. Very pleasing. Another is this light fixture - my dream house will have one like it.
These popped up in the garden this week (I forget what they're called, but they're lovely).
And there's kind of a neat story behind these little flowers (which grow on very big stalks). Last summer when Adam's grandparents were here, we went to the wharf in the community where I grew up, and I saw this huge mass of these weeds. So I picked some and plunked them in a flower bed where they would be contained, and lo and behold, they came up and are flowering this year. I love the colours in the blossoms!

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