Sunday, July 08, 2007

house mouse notes

I brought in some flowers from the garden last night to liven up the house a bit. Since I've been spending so much time here with Phillip, I thought I would post a few things I've noticed in the house. (And then I'm off for a nap!) I couldn't find a suitable vase for the daisies, so I cut them really short and tucked them in this little jar. Cute!
The peonies have come (and almost gone). The rain beat them up a bit the other day, so the pink outer petals are a bit bruised, but it's still beautiful. Check out Adam's peony pictures on his site.
Remember last summer when I found this magnificent mug at a yard sale? Well, it was being picked up to be washed yesterday, and the handle broke, the mug fell to the floor and here are its remains in the garbage. :(
I was thinking today about how much I enjoy these jars. I often see them at Frenchy's for 10 cents each, which is where I found these ones.

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