Thursday, June 07, 2007

the hobo king himself

Here's Phillip the One-eyed Hobo King himself. I'm thankful that he seems to really have two beautiful intact eyes, although I guess I would be a good mom to have if he did have a visual impairment!
A bit more what he usually looks like.
And here's his hair - it's a lot thicker in the back than the front. Mmmm, I love it!


Andrea said...

He's so beautiful! And look at that hair!!!

I'm sending you many wishes for a speedy recovery.

CK said...

Sherrie, he's gorgeous. Congratulations!!

Christina (cking)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! He's beautiful!
- NMY Alcyone

Jane Logan said...

Congratulations to you, and welcome to baby. He is gorgeous...what at a lovely head of hair! You must be so pleased - enjoy it :)

sherrieg said...

Thank you all! We're pretty smitten.