Tuesday, June 26, 2007

mr. fish lips

Ah, more pictures of the much-adored baby of the house. Newborns need lots of sucking time, and to save our pinkie fingers, we sometimes give Phillip a pacifier - it's not too often that he really wants to suck for a long time; I've read that breastfed babies need less sucking time than bottle-fed ones. After about 3 months, they no longer need so much sucking time, and away disappears the pacifier forever (you will not see Phillip having a pacifier popped into his mouth at the slightest peep when he's two.) I think this pacifier is hilarious because you can see right into his mouth, and his lips are perfectly round. Tee-hee, what a cutie. Even with his baby acne, which is supposed to clear up on its own.

We introduced the bottle to Phillip a few days ago, and he took it no problem from his dad, which made for one happy mum! It's nice to know that if I can't be home for a feeding or whatever, he'll take it. It seems as though it wouldn't matter what source it came from, if it involves milk, Phillip's happy to take it. The breastpump I bought is a Medela mini-electric, and I like it just fine. I've never tried any other ones, so I don't know if I would like them any better or worse, but this one does the job admirably.

Cloth diapers - we haven't been able to use any of our cloth diapers yet, because Phillip is so small! Doctors kept saying that he would be a big baby, so the diapers I bought are mostly 10-22lb size, and we also have a bunch of prefolds, all of which are the 'regular' size, and there's no way I can figure out to get them wrapped around him until he's a bit bigger. (Turns out that he was sitting so high when I was pregnant that it appeared that he was giant, when he was really just really high up.) So we're using disposables for now, which I am more OK with than I would have thought I would be, probably because I don't have much time to think about it. But he's growing like a weed (his cheeks looked positively fat today) so it won't be long before he's in the cloth ones.

I'm feeling fairly well rested after a nice long nap this afternoon, and I had a haircut this morning which always makes me feel more presentable. Phillip's sleeping away (although I'm hearing some squeaks, so he might need to be changed) and I've got a couple more thank-you notes to write before Adam gets home from work. It's a lovely and peaceful day in the neighbourhood!


Deborah said...

You two have got quite the cutie, Sherrie! Beautiful photos. And I agree with the Medela pumps - they were great when I used them.

Angela said...

Hehe. We have the same type of pacifiers!