Tuesday, August 21, 2007

frenchy's update

I'm taking some of my limited computer time to update you on a couple of things I found at Frenchy's yesterday. It was a VERY good visit (mostly because the cashier charged me next to nothing) and I found some terrific things. A fabulous bag, a set of new Mega Bloks, (wood ones - they're great!) a few outfits for Phillip... it was a half-hour well spent. I'll post pictures when we're up and running again.

Our new computer was shipped today, yipeee! With a free iPod Nano, special promotion for teachers, yeeeee-haw! I'm very much looking forward to properly catching up on everyone's blogs and posting some pictures and such... the computer should arrive in a maximum of 8 days.

Oh internet, how I miss you. I like to think I can do without, but it's difficult!

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