Sunday, August 05, 2007

groggy goose

I'm having a good time this afternoon while Phillip is napping, discovering some new blogs (which I'm excited to catch up on) and learning a few things about my own. Such as how to post videos - I thought the grandparents especially would enjoy this feature! This is the only clip I had saved (it's about a month old), and I haven't figured out how to edit it yet, so feel free to skip to about 20 seconds in - I love the wee one's stretches as he's waking up! It shows off his double chin, too. Thanks for bearing with me as I learn these new tricks!


Jessicah said...

He is just the sweetest baby! Thanks for visiting and commenting at Spinning a Yarn- I'm glad to have posted it now- I wasn't going to- I'm happy it made you smile :)

Kristy (Muise) Trefry said...

Awww Sherri he is beautiful! But tell me u were not waking him up just to take this vid hehehe

sherrieg said...

Thanks! No, I wasn't waking him up just for the clip - it was time to eat. :)