Monday, August 06, 2007


My quit plans have changed, since seeing Amy Karol's new book, "Bend-the-Rules Sewing". And as you can see, I've started! And what a mess I've made of the living room. I decided that I would probably get tired of tiny squares in the 'West Hill' quilt I posted about a couple days ago. Maybe I'll tackle it someday. I was visiting Ingrid the other day and had a peek at the her copy of Bend-the-rules, and ta-da! The 'Easy Lap Quilt' called my name. So I scooted off to Frenchy's yesterday to find some fabrics, and following a summer theme, this is what I've come up with. Some pieces were curtains, there's a sheet in there, even a chopped up Ralph Lauren pillowcase. I cut the strips last night while Phillip was sleeping, and I'm hoping to get the top put together today. Adam helped me with the layout - I hadn't thought of how much like composing a picture composing a quilt is, until yesterday. He was super helpful, and I love how it looks. Thanks, love!

Each fabric reminds me of summer in one way or another. The combination of blues, beiges, and whites is the beach - sand, water, sky, clouds. The striped ticking fabric pattern is what was on the old school mattresses at summer camp, the flower pattern reminds me of outdoor chair cushions at a friend's house, and the beige linen is, well, linen. What fabric says 'summer' more than linen?

I should warn anyone who might find the pattern and decide to make the quilt that there are three significant typos in the materials list - where it's supposed to say '14cm' it says '14m' (pretty obvious one) and twice where it says '144"' it should read '44"' (also obvious, but good to know). I'll keep you posted on how it's going.
Yay, the first raspberries have arrived! And holy smokes, check out the size of this one!
Ingrid made this hat for Phillip, and I adore it! Thanks, Ingrid! I think she called it an 'umbilical cord hat'. Cute! And the cotton is the perfect green. I admire Ingrid's knitting because she is so particular and makes things perfectly. I don't think I have the patience for nice knitting. Maybe that's why I prefer sewing - much quicker, and the machine makes the stitches nice and even.
And lastly, also when I was at Frenchy's yesterday, I found this shirt for Phillip, with the tags still on! It cost $1.10. Not bad at all, and the cutest thing is that pretty much Adam's entire shirt collection is this style, so they can match. Heh heh heh!


ingrid said...

Holy crow! You've been busy! I can't believe you already have the top of your quilt all mapped out. You photo has inspired me and I DEFINITELY want to make a quilt like this.

And thanks for posting a photo of the hat! I just had it stashed away to give you when the weather cools off, but when I saw the size of Phillip's head, I figured I should give it to you now! I hope it still fits this fall/winter. I don't know how fast babies' heads grow.

sherrieg said...

I don't know how fast babies' heads grow either, Ingrid! :) We'll make him wear it regardless of the weather, how's that? Actually, we do put hats on him sometimes if we're going somewhere windy. And if you need any blue fabric when you start your quilt, I've got a great print here (it was a sheet) that didn't really go with the others. :)