Sunday, April 06, 2008


Phillip had a lot of fun doing this last night before his bath. He's remarkably strong. Adam had a hard time getting him to let go. By the way - the smell of the JASON apricot body wash you see in the shower is lovely, but it scores a 5 on (Skin Deep) and I won't be buying it again, now that I have an abundance of my own soap, which lathers beautifully on a shower loofah. The container is so huge, I've been using it since last August. I'm finally getting to the bottom.

I've had the most delightful weekend. Phillip has been a very happy camper and we got to hang out both yesterday and today while Adam was at work. Today I did some cleaning up in the yard and shed while Phillip happily watched from his stroller after a pleasant walk. The sun didn't appear as the forecast led us to believe, but I'm holding out hope for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

That's too bad about the Jason's body wash. Don't you love the Skin Deep database? I do!