Wednesday, April 30, 2008

mozy-ing along

I found these two adorable spools of thread at Frenchy's today, on my way home from work. They're sweet and cheerful and springy. They're 'Coats & Clark's Boilfast' and the price on top says 15 cents. Which is probably what I paid. Take a peek here if you want your very own collection.

After the hard drive drama this week, Spark covered the perfect topic today. Backing things up. One of the guests recommended Mozy, which is what I think I would like to go with. I'll keep you posted.


Angela said...

Hey Sherrie - I didn't watch the Spark thing, but our MacBook has its own backup utility called TimeMachine. It's great. We just hook up to an external hard drive every couple of weeks and it does the rest!

sherrieg said...

That's awesome! I ended up deciding just to use our external drive, since we have it. Our Mac has Panther, and Adam said that TimeMachine is a feature on Jaguar, so we have to do it manually, but it's not that big of a deal. But I'm glad that you can enjoy it! :)