Saturday, April 12, 2008

new soaping tools

I received the best possible delivery this afternoon, courtesy of a very kind friend of ours. He was gracious enough to make me four of these beautiful wooden soap molds with fitted lids as well as a loaf cutting frame-y thing! And for a steal of a deal, too. I'm hoping to make a couple more batches for the upcoming craft fair, which will have a good three weeks to cure, if I make them this weekend. Speaking of which, the soaps I have made are taking over the house.

And I adopted this book from the library! There's a pattern for an elephant in it, which I'm itching to make for P. I even have a pair of grey socks waiting to be used. But soap is kind of taking up my crafty time at the moment.

Happy weekend! I hope you have something pleasant delivered to your door, too.

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