Saturday, May 31, 2008

bonfires and birthdays and boggles strikes again

Handy-dandy low-risk-of-impaling-yourself-or-someone-else hot dog roasting stick. My first hot dog in well over a year, mmm.

Happy Birthday, M!

Ingrid was there, too.

Our friend M had a birthday this week, so off we went for a bonfire on the beach. My favourite house in the area (pictured above) is in view from the beach. Unfortunately, the weather was much colder and more windy on the beach than we had expected, so we went back to M's house to continue the bonfire in their backyard, complete with fireworks.

Boggles strikes again! For whatever reason, these silly sunglasses which were part of a Halloween costume Adam came up with a couple of years ago (this is who we were), are the only glasses which Phillip doesn't immediately pull off of his face. He loves them.


Michelle said...

OMG~ that is the cutest photo ever. I love the big glass and the cute smile :) Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing.

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

He sure is a cutie! Love those glasses, I bet that will be a picture that he loves when he gets older!

That looks like a really nice beach - what's it called? I can see why that might be your favourite house!

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Cute, cute, cute~ the sunshade babe!!! What a fun time you all must have had. That would be my favorite house too. I love grilled hot dogs, and what a place to start the "grill season" off...

sherrieg said...

Thank you, all! Lauren, it's in Pembroke, just outside of Yarmouth (but you won't find it on a map). You guys will have to come down and we'll go there!