Tuesday, May 13, 2008

streak free

At the craft fair a few weeks ago, there was a very nice couple selling Streakfree microfibre cleaning cloths. I know that in the grand scheme of things, especially given the weather related chaos around the world over the past week or so, cleaning really isn't all that significant. But I also like having this blog as a happy place of tiny things. Just so you know that I'm not oblivious. So here's one of those little happy things. I bought a small cloth (which I think I'll cut in two) and tried it out on our very dirty microwave. Here's the before:
And after:
Here's what I really like about these:
- they're made in Nova Scotia
- they can be used with plain old water (which is how I used mine)
- they're guaranteed for 2 years
- they get Phillip kiss smudges and fingerprints off of every surface easily and quickly
- they really cleaned the inside of the car windows, which makes me a happier driver
- did I mention that you don't need to use any cleaners with them? (You can if you choose)
- they can be thrown in the regular wash (as long as no fabric softener is used)
- there are no streaks
- they can be used on a variety of surfaces (chrome, stainless, brushed steel, glass, etc.)

They cost $8.00 for a small cloth (the size I have, which I find plenty large), and I can give you the information on who to contact in Yarmouth if you'd like to buy one (they also have mops and other sizes of cloths.) You can also order them directly through the website. I'm not sure how they compare to other microfibre cloths, as I haven't really used any other ones, but I'm really happy with this new discovery.

Now can someone make me a reusable Swiffer cloth to complete my cleaning arsenal? I can't bring myself to buy the disposable cloths, but I miss the pleasantly quick swipes around the bedroom and bathroom floors. There are a whole lot to choose from on Etsy, for very reasonable prices, too! Now that I think about it, I could just use a piece of flannel from my scrap pile. When I have a minute, I think this will be my solution. Happy Tuesday!


allison said...

I like that it only took you 2 minutes to clean your microwave!

The Logans said...

Want to know my fave new cleaning thing? Josh got me a steam mop for my birthday, and I'm in LOVE with it! It doesn't use any cleansers, just regular tap water. The steam cleans and disinfects the floors, so no worries about residue when Isaac is playing/crawling/drooling on the floor. It came with two reusable cloths that go right into the washer.

Anonymous said...

I, also, bought a couple of the microfibres at the craft fair and love mine too....what a great job is does dusting and with no products other than water!! I also love my new 'homemade by Sherrie' soaps!! Connie