Thursday, May 08, 2008

soapwort and earworms

I nearly danced a jig yesterday when I found this little guy at Spencer's (very nice) garden centre in Shelburne. Well, I didn't actually find it. I had to ask. And the poor woman I asked disappeared for a long time before returning with this. It's called Soapwort (also known as Sweet William, says Wikipedia). You make an infusion in warm water with the whole plant, and apparently can get a lovely soapy lather. The two little plants I bought probably won't be useable for a long while, since they're so small, but I think it will make a nice addition to the garden.

Want an earworm? CJLS, our local radio station, is known for the absurd number of terrible 80's songs they play. Phillip and I laze in bed for a few minutes every morning, and he plays with the clock radio. This morning, he turned the dial from CBC to CJLS, and this song was playing. He really liked it, so we listened to the whole thing, and it's been driving me crazy all day long. Of all the songs to have stuck in your head!


Konstantina said...

John and I both think this is hysterical... for a few reasons! First, because as you probably remember, I had a really bad attraction to 80's music and I use to go to the Mediterranean restaurant with Mum in Saint John and I'd always choose this song on our own personal jukebox! Secondly, because contrary to what some may think it is possible to travel back in time- we did when we moved to Greece! EVERYTHING here screams 80's! The hair, the clothes, and of course the music!!! Why, just last week a car drove by blasting this very song. The first week we moved here the house down the road wouldn't stop blaring George Michael (especially Roxanne!) So, if Phillip every wants to get his fill of bad 80's music he can just come on over the this side of the world.

Goatmeal_Crisp said...

I LOVE this song (for real). I hadn't seen the hilarious video, though (nice glasses!) I have to say that CJLS seems like they've been trying to "cool it up" a bit the past couple of years -- when I'm home and hear it, I'm always shocked to hear anything post-1990 and recognizable. My friend Darin (from Pubnico) actually made a tragic series of CJLS-inspired mixes -- "CJLS Gold," volumes 1 through 3. Classic CJLS, from "Red, Red Wine" to "Sister Golden Hair" to "Alone Again, Naturally."

Deborah said...

Good 'ol CJLS. Cheesy back then, apparently, still cheesy now :)

Congrats on the Kitchen Aid. I have the same for a few years and adore it. Just wish I had more opportunity to use it now.

sherrieg said...

Wow, I didn't know that Toto would bring so many comments! :) Thanks!