Saturday, June 21, 2008

happy first day of summer from a little monkey

Guess where I could have possibly found this adorable monkey hat? (Brand new, by the way.) Frenchy's, of course. Phillip loves it.
This is a Caesar salad we've been making lately. Adam has a modified top secret recipe (it's not really top secret, but I don't know where he put the piece of paper) for a delicious dressing sans eggs, and it includes homemade croutons (from homemade bread, of course) and bbq chicken. Very summery, and very delicious. Homemade croutons are very simple, and much better than store bought. Just toss a bit of olive oil in with bread cubes, and add whatever seasonings tickle your fancy. I love garlic, so we loaded on the garlic powder. Toast on a baking sheet at 375-ish for 15 minutes or so, with a little stir every now and then, and you're all set.

Speaking of delicious, I was in Shelburne for work yesterday, and a co-worker and I went to a fabulous little place called Charlotte Lane Cafe and Crafts for lunch. I had heard of it many times, but as it's only open in the summer, I had never been in. It's a gift shop and restaurant, both of which were delightful. Speaking of delightful, I was so happy to see that they carry Gwen of Desideratum's jewelry, as well as Jennifer of Hunter Street Silver's things! I bought a couple of gifts, and had an incredible lunch. The prices are better than reasonable, the service is excellent, the food is real, delicious, food, the decor is fun and well put-together. I enjoyed a tomato and cucumber sandwich with sundried tomato cream cheese, along with an arugula, belgin endive and goat cheese salad with Canadian bacon and beet vinaigrette. Oh my, it was heavenly. Along with fresh squeezed lemonade, and a dessert of chai tea and an English dessert cake. I can't recommend it highly enough! Really, it was amazing.

Only one week of work left before summer!


egassner said...

Oh, you're making me hungry! Lol. And P. looks sooo ridiculously cute in that hat!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hey Sherrie!! You're right, nothing like fresh toasted croutons! Your salad sounds and looks scrumptious! I was toasting garlic croutons yesterday, for our salad of fresh picked greens... sure do love summer and summer gardens!!!

Thanks so much for mentioning me ... we have been supplying our jewelry to these wonderful people for quite a few years now... But I have never had the treat of visiting their shop/restaurant in person. I have heard only "great" things about the food there... and you have confirmed it again!!

Goatmeal_Crisp said...

I remember Kristal buying a bracelet made from cutlery there a few years back!

Kathleen and Roland said...

Thank you very much for visiting our restaurant. We're glad that you enjoyed it so much.
We are open from the beginning of May until just before Christmas.
Hopefully this will give you more opportunities to visit us......
Kathleen and Roland

Jenn Hunter said...

Jennifer from Hunter Street Silver here,
Thanks so much for the mention in your blog of many beautiful photos! I've only had a chance to get to Charlotte Lane once for a meal but remember it as yummmmmmy.
Best of luck,
Jenn Hunter