Friday, August 08, 2008

before and after

I now have a sweet little cabinet to store my lotions and potions in on my dresser. The cute-in-theory-but-dreadful-in-reality little cabinet before:
I bought this at Frenchy's months ago, and only got around to painting it today. I just gave it one coat of cream coloured paint - I kind of like the distressed look it has with the darker paint showing through. But I had to put two coats over the "dishes".

And do you remember the creepy purple pixie-villain mirror I picked up yesterday at Frenchy's? For $4?

Well, here it is today, at home in our living room. Come on over for a cup of tea and enjoy it with me! I have some new books in from the library to look at, as you can see.

I mentioned this find yesterday - Phillip's new piano. He loves it just as much today as he did yesterday, and plinked away for a long time this morning.
And this bag of Melissa and Doug wooden toys?
Turns out that it includes the zoo animals,
a front loader and cement mixer,
and the train. A few of the dowels are missing, so I'll pop on over to the hardware store and buy one for $1.29. Not a bad deal!

Lastly, I whipped up (heh heh, just being punny) some Whipped Shea Belly Butter for a couple of friends who are due to have babies very soon. Shea butter, olive oil, and some fragrance and essential oils. Citrus-y yum! I think it looks like that delicious whipped cream cheese, actually. But it smells much better, and is unbelievably smooth on the skin.
Happy Thursday! No, wait - it's Friday, isn't it? Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

You have a great eye! I think Frenchy's is much better than any second hand shop we have in NZ, or maybe NZrs just hang on to all their stuff more!

ingrid said...

I love what you did with the cabinet and the mirror. You improved them 600%.

egassner said...

Agreed! The cabinet and mirror look great! And the shea too!

Adam said...

That front loader is going to have some trouble scooping things. I requires some reassembly.

I'll have to check out that mirror in my living room sometime.

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

I must say, VERY impressive. You are so talented. I love seeing items restored, it really puts life back into them.

sherrieg said...

Thanks so much! I love doing little projects like these. And really, if a mirror like that costs $4, how could I not buy it? :)