Friday, August 29, 2008

charlotte lane and other tidbits

Remember Charlotte Lane? Ingrid and I went there last weekend with Mr P. It was delicious. Definitely worth the drive to Shelburne. I bought myself a special treat - on of Hunter Street Silver's rings for myself! We also went to Frenchy's, of course. I wanted to do something fun and out of the ordinary before going back to work, so we did!
Phillip says 'Tea! Tea!" whenever he sees a teacup or mug. Lots of people we know drink lots and lots of tea, so he gets to say it often.
This is Sandford, the community where I grew up, as seen from my Dad's lobster boat. He took a bunch of us out for a little ride on a sunny afternoon last weekend. It was lovely, and it was Phillip's first time on his Bompie's boat. We saw another boat while we were out - I loved all of the shades of blue.
Here are some of the gorgeous tomatoes I've been telling you about. They grew too tall for their tomato cages, and some of the stems have keeled over. Most of the tomatoes seem to be fine, though.
Adam and I watched Sicko last week, and I have never been so thankful to be Canadian. My middle knuckle on my right (and dominant) hand has been very sore lately, and I thought I should get it checked out. It has been the most efficient process with almost no waiting. I called to make an appointment with my GP on Tuesday afternoon, and they took me first thing on Wednesday morning. I was busy yesterday (with my first work-related duties after a lovely summer), so I went to the hospital this morning to have the bloodwork and and an x-ray of my hand. Note: always go to the hospital on the day before holiday weekends! I had my blood taken within ten minutes. I've had to wait much longer before, so this was a treat. I went to the x-ray department to schedule an appintment, and because they weren't busy, they took me in right away and did the x-ray. The only problem was that the technician asked me to wait while she went to finish up, and she forgot about me. For about 20 minutes. I could have left, but I wasn't sure if they were done. But for all of that, I was in and out in an hour, without paying a cent. I love you, Tommy Douglas!


Raegan Belliveau said...

I love Charlotte's Lane. It is the only decent place to eat around here. Although, Little Lebanon is really good too. Have you ever tried it? I love that orange color on the walls at Charlotte's lane, I'm thinking of asking what it is so I can paint it somewhere in my house.

Pearl Maple said...

Followed your link from the Inspired Room Nesting party and enjoyed reading your lovely blog posts. Having travelled a million miles away from the Maritimes it is always nice to have a little taste of home.