Monday, August 18, 2008

make hay (or paint doors) while the sun shines

It's been very foggy and damp as of late, so when the sun came out yesterday, I repainted our doors. 'Regal Red', it's called. And it matches my toe, which I just sliced open on the step of our kitchen garbage can. I'm not sure how. Well, I kicked it on my way by, which is how, but I'm not sure how something apparently so dull could cut through my flesh. I didn't even notice it was bleeding until I felt my foot sticking to the floor as I walked along. Ick. Sorry if that grossed you out. All bandaged up now, and doesn't hurt a bit.
On a brighter note, we bought some corn at the Farmer's Market on Saturday and had it for supper that night. It was both beautiful and delicious. Any vehicle for butter is A-OK with me.
And I just picked this book up at the library today (that's my Inter-library Loan slip sticking out the top). I love it. I'm only on page 17, and there are already a thousand crafty ideas swimming around in this little head. I'm starting to allow myself to not try to do everything crafty that's out there. But doesn't iron-on transfer paper to make beautiful custom skirts sound (and look) great? You can see the one I'm referring to in the third picture on this post. Anyway, the book is gorgeous, the photos (here comes that overused word) inspiring, and the instructions clear. And there's an old school note paper dispenser in one of the pictures which I adore. Like this one, only wooden and, well, old. I remember my mom having one in the kitchen when I was a kid. I wonder if she still has it?

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