Thursday, August 07, 2008

it's high time for some new Frenchy's finds

My favourite picture of today's finds - beautiful wooden bowls for Phillip to play with and eat from and throw on the floor with gusto.
My mom and I went 'up the line' (Clare area) to do a bit of Frenchy's shopping today. At the first Frenchy's we went to, Phillip found and fell in love with a toy piano. So his Grandmere bought that for him, and I hunted around in a bin for more pieces of a Melissa and Doug stacking train, of which I had found two pieces. They weren't to be found at that Frenchy's, but at the next one we went to, I found a giant bag with not only the train, but the pull-along zoo animals and a bazillion others, too. For $4.5o. Excellent! Here are the rest (pardon the dreadful picture, but I paused my blog-writing to take it so you could see what excitment this warrants):
A good scrub and we'll be good to go. I also found some other goodies, like this gorgeous purple mirror with a creepy pixie-vixen sticker on it. Really, though, the frame is hardwood and has such a beautiful shape and is in excellent condition (it's just ugly) and the mirror is perfect. A good scrub and a coat of paint (the pixie-vixen's already gone) and I'll post another picture.

These cute tiny chalkboards were 50 cents each, and I'm going to use them at upcoming craft fairs! Good idea, eh?


egassner said...

What great finds!! I use the little chalkboards too!! They work great and are easy for customers to see

The Logans said...

Your Frenchy's rocks! Ours is just clothes, books, and the odd stuffed toy. Melissa and Doug toys at Frenchy's? Unheard of in SJ! Lucky girl, you are. :)

And I'm sure the chalkboards will look super at your next craft fair.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Great finds. I haven't been too lucky lately at our Frenchy's.

ingrid said...

I love those little chalkboards. They will look so great in your soap display!

I can sense that the word "block" is going to become a new favourite for Mr. P.

sherrieg said...

Elizabeth - I'll definitely post pictures when I have these at the craft fair - do you have any pics of your set-up?

Jane - I always seem to find more 'stuff' at Value Village in Saint John. I've never had much luck at the Frenchy's there. But there is a LOT of junk at VV!

Ingrid - P hasn't been saying 'block' since your house - probably because we don't have blocks like those ones. :) Next time we're there, well have to see if he remembers!