Saturday, November 22, 2008

post #800: snowy crafty afternoon (and evening)

Welcome to our house on a snowy, snowy Saturday (although it doesn't look terribly snowy in the picture taken this morning, it got much worse later in the day.) My only complaint about the snow is that it wasn't on a weekday, resulting in a snow day for me.
Did you notice the sweet wreath on the cellar doors? I think it fits perfectly, and the snow was so lovely on it. It was an ideal day to be domestic and hunker down inside, so Ingrid and Annie came over.
Ingrid wore this snazzy washed-but-wrinkly apron (which I found at Frenchy's) over her clothes for the day,
and I was snug as a bug in this soft-yet-acrylic sweater I found at Frenchy's last week. (Note which shouldn't need to be written: the jeans, belt, and t-shirt are also from Frenchy's.)
We looked out at the weather as we chatted and had tea,
read, of course,
while there was also knitting and the baking of scones. I did manage to clean out my recipe binders while Phillip was sleeping, which was very satisfying.
Ingrid brought apple pie,

and I made this garlic dip. I used roasted garlic, because I thought the flavour would be milder. It was, but it was too mild. Next time I'll definitely use fresh. I used the leftover dip mixed with frozen chopped spinach on butter puff pastry to make little appetizers, but due to poor timing, they were post-meal appetizers, if such a thing is possible. The meal was delicious butter chicken and rice, courtesy of Annie. Y-U-M. After clean up, bathing P and putting him to bed, we made some Peppermint Poppyseed soap! Could you possibly fit more fun into one day? A day with organizing recipe binders and making cute appetizers? I think not. Hope you're having a lovely weekend, too.


Amber said...

What a fabulous weekend! I wish I had friends who lived close by. I miss days like this...

PS - Love the sweater!

Alli said...

What a great day! I think I need to organize something like this with my friends! A cozy day of organizing, crafts, cooking and delicious are right, what more could you ask for! I am envious! : )

Nice finds at Frenchy's by the way! I too have a ting for glass jars!