Monday, April 09, 2007

Baby G's floor


And after!
Wow, I LOVE it! It's the first of two coats on the floor. The other coat will be applied tomorrow, and then we just wait 2 days for it to cure before putting anything on it. We'll hopefully have time to assemble the crib and get the baby's stuff in there before the shower on Saturday. Have I mentioned what an excellent job Adam's done on the room? Photography's not his only talent, although he enjoys it infinitely more than sanding, crackfilling, and painting.

While Adam was working away at the floor this morning, I was doing some spring cleaning. It feels so good to really clean things thoroughly and get rid of unwanted stuff. For me, this included cleaning an umbrella tree plant leaf by leaf and rearranging it with some stakes so it grows in a more cooperative fashion, more up than outward. It's one of those things that once you've done it, you wonder why on earth you didn't do it sooner. And those coarse little catgrass sprouts from the other day? Check out how fast they've grown! Very springy.

While we were working away inside, there were some guys working away outside, cutting down and carting away a very old, extremely large and dangerously rotten tree. I'm kind of sad that it's gone, seeing as how it took a good hundred years or so to get as large as it was, and it was a home for some birds (who hadn't really moved in yet this year). At the same time, half of it was literally crumbling away and we didn't want the next big storm to bring it down, crushing a person, our shed, or anything else. The guys did a great job (only a few branches on our quince tree were broken) and cleaned up really well afterward. Some tulips and crocuses around the base of the tree were trampled, but I think they'll still grow, since they had only started their first little leaves. Adam's going to build a little firewood shelter back there by the shed this summer, which will free up other lawn space and give us room for hanging out with Baby G in the fresh air!

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ingrid said...

The baby's room is looking great! Kudos to Adam for doing an amazing job. Can't wait to see the room in person!