Saturday, September 08, 2007

do you wax your mailbox?

Yes, folks, I wrote 'wax your mailbox'. I have been instructed by the box my new mailbox arrived in that I should wash and wax it every few weeks. It also merits the heading 'IMPORTANT'. Are there people out there who are spending their Saturday afternoons washing and waxing their mailboxes? Am I missing out on a key to successful life as a human? Where have I been all this time? Why didn't anyone tell me sooner?


ingrid said...

This is VERY funny! I don't wax my mailbox, but I DO take a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to it every couple of weeks because it seems to accumulate various forms of "gunk."

sherrieg said...

OK, Ingrid - that's almost as funny! What happens to your mailbox so that it 'accumulates various forms of "gunk"'? What do you put it through? :)

ingrid said...

I'm not sure where the "gunk" comes from. There are always spider webs around my mailbox and it seems as though the spiders leave black spots on my pretty white mailbox. Do spiders poop? Or is it just the remnants of their "catch?" I don't know . . . but it does get grungy after a couple of weeks.