Thursday, September 20, 2007

home, home on the range

These are the melted and charred bits of the old range. It burned almost through the metal back plate-y thing, too. Scary! The kitchen windows were wide open all night with a fan running, and it still stinks down there.

Here it is - the new range! I stopped to check out what they had in store at Sears, and what good timing! It looked like a yard sale in there. It turns out that they're re-doing all of their floor displays, so they're clearing out certain items. I'm getting the above range (which has been sitting in the display) for over $100 less than it would be if I ordered one new. Yay! It's pretty much exactly what I was looking for (smooth top would be glorious, but that one is about $100 more). It has two terrific features I'm especially thankful for. One is a hidden bottom element in the oven, which will make for much easier cleaning, and the other is a stove top which lifts up like the hood of a car so it can be easily cleaned. I'm quite excited, as I've never had a new oven to play with. I won't have to fanatically rotate things to avoid burning the back right corner! Hallelujah!

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