Thursday, September 13, 2007

the goods from yesterday

On our Frenchy's trip yesterday, I found these Children's Place slippers for Phillip. They should be just the right size when the weather gets cooler, and he'll need something cozy on his feet for around the house.

Everything requires thought when it comes to stuff for Phillip, and sometimes I wonder if I'm overthinking things a bit. I found this crib sheet awhile ago, but I just found the skirt yesterday at Frenchy's. The sheet dilemma - it has cars on it. Very cute cars, but we don't want Phillip to think that people have to have cars, or that they're a 'boy thing'. Even though we have a car (which, since I've been on maternity leave and not driving for work all of the time has shaded the grass in its spot so much that it's died. Yay!) Now that I read that back, I think that's overthinking a bit - we have a car, people drive cars, it's not a big deal to have a few cars (and planes and boats and stars) on a crib sheet. Surely we'll be able to talk to him about responsible living on this planet and all of his learning won't come from the sheets he slept on as an infant!

On to the skirt: I'd been looking for a plain white one - hard to come by! I found this one yesterday, and the ruffles were the thing. Are they too girly? Should I buy it just because it's girly, to prove a point? We're not trying to make Phillip into a manly man, and it's fine if he wants to wear pink. Back in the day, kids were often dressed the same, regardless of sex.

Anyway, the sheet and skirt are there and staying for now. I know that it's really not a big deal, and I think it definitely makes the crib look more inviting.

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