Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a walk in the woods

We had an awesome walk on my dad's woodlot on Sunday, the first day of fall. Adam took these pictures. We saw a beautiful babbling brook, found some scat we think belongs to a bear, watched the leaves rustling in the breeze, and just enjoyed each other's company. It was lovely! Did you notice that Phillip's waving in the last picture?


ingrid said...

Sounds lovely! That kid of yours is super-duper cute. I love that his tongue always seems to be hanging out -- so cute!

sherrieg said...

Thanks! We think he's pretty cute, too. Maybe when he has some teeth, they can hold that tongue in. :) I'm looking forward to making my wall hanging at the next get together... I'm planning it in my little brain as I type. :)

Jessicah said...

Look at beautiful you and your babe in a sling off on a nature walk! Not a mama but I think babywearing is great!