Monday, February 11, 2008

antique sale finds

First things first - it's a snow day! P's Nanny is here for the week, and I have lots of time to catch up on a million things, including making soap, updating my Etsy shop, and taking some pictures of things I found over the weekend. Ingrid, Annie and I went to an antique sale first thing on Saturday morning. You can see the treasure Ingrid found here. I found a few things I love, including this beautiful platter:

An oval enamel basin (I'm picturing hand towels and soaps and other bath-y things in it,
And these sweet little infant undershirts. I'm picturing these on a wall, maybe of a baby girl's room someday.

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The Logans said...

What great finds! Those little shirts are beautiful - so delicate. I definitely would have bought those too! :)