Sunday, February 17, 2008

Piña Colada

Mmmmm! It's ready and listed in my Etsy shop. I'm really happy with this batch! It's one of those pleasant ones where everything turned out exactly as I imagined it would.


jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hello! It's been a while since I wrote, and I just wanted to get in touch and say "hi!" I have a little pull-quail that I just finished, with little yellow wheels, if you are interested. I realized I don't know what kind of toys you guys would like. Any requests? We met Petra and Jamie from Yarmouth the other day. They found us through your blog, which I thought was pretty cool. Anyway, I'm glad to see your soap business is taking off - it all looks good enough to eat! Talk to you soon ~Lauren

Evita said...

Hi Sherrie

Your soaps sound amazing and in the search for natural alternatives very appealing. So I was wondering what shipping is like to Ontario for multiples of them say about 4 at a time? I do not really mind getting it through a slower courier service?

Thank so much!

(you can post back a comment here with answer or contact me directly through my web site)

sherrieg said...

Hi Evita,

I'd be happy to send you some soaps - shipping for 4 bars to Ontario is approximately 10.00. E-mail me at birchbarksoap at gmail dot com and we'll work out the details, if you're still interested. :)


Evita said...

Hi Sherrie
Thanks I will definitely be in touch soon!

Canadian Saver said...

Definitely going to check out your Etsy shop :-)