Monday, February 04, 2008


This is what I felt like doing today. I had a very busy day at work where I didn't feel like I did a whole lot, but I did tons of things. A thousand little niggling things - phone calls, a student meeting, e-mails, scheduling and rescheduling and planning. So the day went by quickly, but I wanted a nap every time I paused.

I have soap plans percolating... Adam's parents are going to be visiting next week, so I just might take some time and try some new batches (carrot complexion sounds divine, sweet almond exfoliating bar, and tomato facial soap... mmmm) and re-stock a couple of old standbys (chocolate peppermint and peppermint poppyseed).

But for now, I'm going to enjoy a bit of time with a new magazine (The Herb Companion, a Christmas gift) while P is sleeping and Adam's plugging away at W&P. Yup, War and Peace. All 1386 pages.

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Anonymous said...

When you come again to our school, please bring me some soap....that peppermint poppyseed sounds divine....but whatever smeels yummmy will be good...if they are $4. please bring me 5...thanks!!! :)))) Connie