Sunday, October 05, 2008

i won a prize, phillip's walking, and nestle-free week

We had a cozy supper tonight of fresh homemade bread and lentil soup served in our snazzy new soup bowls. I love the weekend - I made apple sauce, bread, soup, penne alfredo, rearranged the living room, went through all of my clothes, giving lots away, putting summer things away and hanging up sweaters and winter clothes. Also did the same with all of Phillip's, storing some for future babes, giving some away, and tidily putting away all kinds of clean, bigger things. Which he 'helped' with, and we had lots of fun. Oh, and I made some soap, too. Hanging out at home is the best way I can think of to spend the weekend, and I'm fine with admitting that. Who needs parties when you could be reading 'Belly Button Beach' with Phillip on a pile of clothes?
I may have mentioned before that I seldom win anything. You know, that's just not true. I won a dishcloth on Sarah's blog, soap from Gracefruit, and many other things I can't recall at the moment. I am one lucky gal. I have a knack for winning door prizes at almost any event I attend, and this weekend was no exception. I went to a baby fair with Mr P (the best prize of all) yesterday, and won a cloth diapering set made by Little Squirts, a local business run by a mom. Her products are very well made, and I can't wait to try them out. I won one all-in-one, a doubler (liner), four flannel wipes, a set of bamboo nursing pads, and (this is the best part) - a travel bag for transporting the dirty dipes! Brilliant. Her diapers are sold locally at City Drug Store, too.

And oh-my-goodness-I can't-believe-I-forgot-to-tell-you - Phillip is walking! Did you catch that? WALKING! We tried to get a decent video clip today, but didn't. There will definitely be one coming shortly.

And did you know that it's Nestle-free Week? The primary reason is that the company often is not complying with the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitues, including aggressive marketing of infant formula to mothers living in conditions which make it impossible to safely prepare formula, because there isn't access to clean water. I personally avoid Nestle products year-round, but this is a specific week to bring people's concerns to Nestle's attention by not buying their products, and letting them know. To find out more, visit Baby Milk Action. And consider a different brand of chocolate bars for Halloween this year, perhaps.


Terri said...

Oh my goodness, I just happened upon your blog and I love it!!! I love weekends at home too and you sound so productive, very inspirational! Congrats on Phillip walking, sounds like one lucky little boy to have such a doting mom!!! Thanks for a great read.

Anonymous said...

Yay to Phillip!! That's one of the most exciting milestones. Can't wait to see the video.

Congrats on all your wins! Boy, you win a lot more things than I do, that's for sure. :)

Re: Nestle - I'd already signed a petition about that (probably over at's petition site), and I'm still boycotting them. I boycott a lot of major bizes (esp the big agribizes).

Konstantina said...

Bravo Phillip! You know, we have friends here whose baby is only 10 days older than Phillip and I really like seeing how they develop differently. She's been walking for over a month but isn't speaking very much. While Phillip has been speaking up a storm and is now walking! They are both sweet babies and I'm thankful I get to hear about their baby-sweetness!
Hope you guys are doing well!

Lori said...

Thanks for the info on Nestle. Just checked out Baby Milk Action and decided to boycott. Not just for this week either. It will be hard as I do love their semi sweet morsels but we must do what we can.
Thanks again! And yay for walking Phillip!

egassner said...

Yay for Mr. P!
And thanks for letting me know about can be more temperamental than internet explorer sometimes! lol

Heidi said...

Yay for walking! Everyone should have a toddler at some makes life so much sweeter = )

Awesome c.d. kit. Such a great prize to win!

Nestle...ugh, what else is there to say?

sherrieg said...

Thanks for the sweet comments, Terri!

Kon, we are peachy. Really and truly. :)

Thanks for all the P-walking joy! It is so much fun to watch him. :)