Friday, October 03, 2008

wicked apple cider and my favourite pot

I forgot to add this photo to my last post - it's Tide View Cider, made here in Nova Scotia. Ingrid brought it over last night. Holy smokes, is it amazing.
And I'm a little bit slow, but Elizabeth asked for photos of our favourite pots. This one isn't a pot, it's a pan, but I love it. It seems as though most of the other people who responded also love their cast iron! I've made everything from classic pancakes and eggs to fresh mackeral and apple tarte tatins in this very heavy, inexpensive Lodge pan. The only thing which causes any grief is the short handle. It rates extremely high is cuteness, but rather low in practicality. (Kind of like a certain American vice presidential candidate, but that's another story.) Thanks for the great idea, Elizabeth!


gracefruit said...

Thank you for sharing your pan. :) Cast iron and cast iron enamel are the clear winners.

Goatmeal_Crisp said...

Why yes, doggone it, you betcha a certain American vice presidential candidate puts on a good show and wears nice shoes but is a little lean on substance. :)

allison said...

Love your title ~ I seriously thought you were going to tell us about a 'special' plant in your garden. ;o)