Monday, October 01, 2007

at Frenchy's this morning I found...

This lovely sweater, for a friend who doesn't know it yet. I picked it up and thought "This is the most insert name here-like sweater I think I've seen." It's not handmade (hint, hint, do you know who you are?) but I think she'll like it nonetheless. Cute chocolate detail continues on cuffs. Yum!

And a new answering machine! It's kind of funny, since our old answering machine was from Frenchy's, too. But we could never set it for more than 3 rings, and it used a tape. This one is digital and we have it set for 5 rings, so no more frantic running to get the phone before the machine! Yipee! I do realize that it's only 5$ per month for voice mail, but the only real advantage to that is when you're away. We're not really away that much, so I'd rather spend 3$ once than 5$/month indefinitely.
And this is one of the lilies, still hanging on after more than a week!


ingrid said...

I don't know if that sweater is for me or not, but I LOVE the colours. And the tie is very cute too.

Even if it's not for me, I know whoever receives it will love it.

sherrieg said...

Yay, you guessed it! It is indeed for you! I washed it and it's drying as I type. I'll bring it by sometime soon - maybe if I see you on Thursday? ;)

ingrid said...

Wow! Thanks! :)

I'm planning to go to Annie's on Thursday, so I guess I'll see you and the sweater then.