Thursday, October 04, 2007

weekly fix of mr p

"Ooooooh, something new to play with."
"Let's see what it tastes like. Arhmmmmmm."
"Oy, my eye! That was supposed to go in my mouth."
"Forget it. Hands taste better anyway."

Holy smokes, folks! It's been over a week since I've posted any pics of wee-P Graham. I apologize if any of you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I took these ones this morning as Phillip was playing with his new teething ring. (Aside: I wasn't going to give it to him until I knew for sure what type of plastic it is made from. I couldn't find the information online (!) so I e-mailed the company and am hoping to hear back from them soon. I decided that a few days of it probably won't do any serious long-term harm, in case it does turn out to be something scary. And nope, cold or frozen washcloths wouldn't cut it (heh, heh - little teething pun there) today. Maybe tomorrow.)

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