Wednesday, October 31, 2007

isn't it about time for some baby pictures?

Those are his eyelashes catching the light!

It's tricky to get this guy to hold still long enough to take a decent picture! But look at those eyes!


Jessicah said...

Oh he is just the sweetest little thing! And love all your other photos too- the light makes them look so calm and peaceful! We've been growing basil too- it takes FOREVER to get past that two leaf stage- my courgettes are almost flowering! And using honey on your face- genius!

ingrid said...

He's SO insanely cute. I can't say it enough.

Lovely photos, by the way.

sherrieg said...

Thank you, thank you! Jessicah, it's so strange to think that courgettes (are they the exact same as zucchini or a bit different?) are flowering somewhere else in the world! Glad you're enjoying that. :)