Monday, October 29, 2007

new look and other allsorts (mmmm, licorice allsorts)

What do you think of the new look? With lots of help from Adam, the blog is finally a bit more customized, complete with local eggs. Mmmmm. Phillip and I went to visit the egg farmer's house on Saturday and had a lovely visit. We also picked up some local apples, some of which are now dried. Delicious. We figured out how the dehydrator fits together properly, so the apples dried more evenly than the cranberries.I found this lovely wool sweater made in England at Frenchy's this morning. I loooove it.
Phillip wore his new hoser hat on our walk today. I almost collapse from the cuteness when he wears it.
And look at his hair! It's growing in nicely, and looks more like a real head of hair and less like baby fuzz.


Jessicah said...

Oh dried apples yum!!!! My favourite and the motivation behind wanting a dehydrator myself! I can almost feel/taste them in my mouth!

sherrieg said...

They are indeed delicious! I have a few left in the cupboard, which I think I'll go help myself to!