Thursday, October 18, 2007

thoughts on america

Since this past weekend was my first time in the United States of America, I have some thoughts to share.

On the Imperial system: Ick. And it doesn't make any sense.

On moose: there really are moose in Maine. We saw one on the side of the highway on our way back, and were very glad that it stayed on the shoulder.

On construction: road signs are a much brighter orange.

On trees in Maine: Evergreens in Maine look like they were all trimmed as Christmas trees. They're beautiful and straight and evenly bushy, unlike their scraggly counterparts in Nova Scotia. I enjoyed them very much, and drove Adam crazy with all of my exclamations about how lovely the evergreens were. And cedars along the side of the highway were surprising. The rest of the trees were changing colour and were stunning. They made the drive even more enjoyable.

On WalMart Super Centers: There is one immediately next door to my sister's apartment, and I needed to scoot in to pick up a few items. There is a beer department, close to the baby department, and the milk. I found that odd. And the store was a mess! Maybe it's because I was there at 7:30 on a Sunday morning, but regardless. Some stuff really is significantly cheaper there.

On LL Bean's Bangor outlet store: Mmmmmmmmmm.

On State police cars in Maine: they're powder blue.

On Americans encountered in various places: generally extremely friendly, although a bit more forward than Canadians. The exception was the employees at various gas stations and stores: many were surly. Surly with an American accent. (Speaking of which, I found it very odd to be identified as the one with the accent.) Not all of course, and especially not those at LL Bean. They were great.

On the whole: we had a lovely trip and I definitely enjoyed my time. We'll head back for sure!


Jamie said...

you're no longer a yankee land virgin!

On the Imperial system:

Imperial System = garbage.

Unfortunately we have a fair amount of it still in use here. Ask a Canadian how much they weigh (answer - pounds), or how tall they are (answer feet and inches). On the other hand - "How far is it to Halifax?" answer "335 km". How does your brain feel now.

I'm not sure which is worse, playing in the garbage, or just plain old living in it. At least when you live in it, you don't even know that a cleaner more wonderful world exists.

On WalMart Super Centers: It really hurts me to say this, but: WalMart still sucks even if they sell those wonderful elixirs.

On Americans encountered in various places: well, i won't really say what i am thinking. you know...

Melissa said...

When I first went to the States everybody told me I had an accent and i thought they were pulling my leg. Now that I have been away from Nova Scotia you do have accents, I can even hear it now. Melissa says I have lost my accent over the years.

sherrieg said...

It's true that there is lingering Imperial-ness here (I find that recipes are where I use it most frequently). Perhaps I should make a more concerted effort to shake it and cook everything in millilitres and grams. I'll think on that. :) It is strange how metric has completely taken over in km - that's a great example.

I also agree about the suckiness of WalMart.