Friday, November 09, 2007

applesauce and lovely links

I dried some more apples and made another batch of applesauce. Mmmmmm.

I've been thinking for awhile about how horrified I would be if my blog suddenly disappeared and I lost all of my thoughts and pictures. I just saw a link on Vera's blog that interests me very much - I might very well do this, even if I only make a book of the Phillip parts of the blog.

Eren has a great post about handmade holidays here. To encourage more handmade-ness this holiday season, I'm hosting a Christmas crafting afternoon next week. Should be fun! I'm trying to buy only useful items if I'm buying pre-made things for people this Christmas, and I'm going to be making some (also useful) things, too. Are you doing anything handmade this Christmas?


The Logans said...

I am nothing if not a list-maker...and I've got a good list on the go of homemade gift to give this year! It includes things like a toddler apron for my baking god-daughter, a mix CD of songs we liked as kids for my older brother, my own "brownie mix' for some friends, a few small-portioned frozen meals for my grandparents, and I'm doing some chocolates, preserves, and goodies to add to other people's gifts. Photos of Isaac are going to be great gifts too - and some handprint Christmas ornaments for his grandparents.

I was excited to find out that we are having a Texas Swap at my staff party, but the gifts need to be re-gifts or homemade - way more fun!

Three cheers for homemade gifts!

sherrieg said...

Yay, Jane! Lists and handmade things, yipee! The meals for your grandparents is a great idea! And I envy your Texas swap - have fun!