Sunday, November 25, 2007

frenchy's jackpot and first 'solid' food

"I can't believe it!"The best thing that can possibly happen at Frenchy's is that you find exactly what you were looking for. This almost never happens. My sweet friend Annie and I went yesterday, and found not one, not two, but eight 8oz glass baby bottles. Eight! We stopped at two Frenchy's (I don't think they're even 1km apart) and found three at the first one, and five at the second. Fifty cents each. I nearly imploded. Phillip's been drinking about 6oz when he has his late evening pumped feed so the larger bottles make things much easier. And I'll be pumping and getting some extra milk stored up in the freezer for when I go back to work, so it can be stored in these. And if there are just too many for me, I can give some to other mums.Speaking of Phillip eating, he had his first taste of 'real' food this morning. Pears. He made an hilarious face (nope, didn't capture it) but seemed to like it. I'm planning on making Phillip's vegetable foods, and have plenty of local squash and pumpkin pureed in the freezer. Lots of apples, too. But there are many fruits you can't get organically in the produce department, but you can get the jars of organic. I think it will work out to be cheaper for many of them, since fruit can be very pricey, especially in the winter. Organic fruit especially. It was on sale yesterday, so I bought several jars. The jars can be reused to freeze homemade food, too, which I like very much. I think we'll try some organic brown rice cereal in a few days, after we make sure the pears agree with Mr P.I found several other treasures at Frenchy's yesterday, but since they involve Christmas and surprises, I won't post them. Ah, Frenchy's has come through for me yet again.

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Adam said...

I'm pretty sure that your kind of Frenchy's excitement plosion would be explosion, not implosion ;)