Friday, November 02, 2007

tea tray

I found this hideous tea tray at Frenchy's this morning, while looking for a snowsuit for Phillip, which I found (yay!) for $4.00 (double yay!) A little bit of contact paper (which I got for $1.75 a few weeks ago) and voila! A much nicer tea tray. It will make fewer trips from living room to kitchen when guests are here. Does anyone have tips on getting the contact paper absolutely flat without going out of your mind? I tried applying it slowly with a flat edge as I peeled the backing off, but I still got some bubbles, even after several tries. Any other tips? I also thought the tray would look nice tiled or painted. Maybe those are in its future.


Jessicah said...

I'm assuming paper is like duraseal- book covering like material. I think I've had some limited success with popping the bubble with a pin and squeezing the air out in books. I think what is really called for though is more hands when applying it! Frenchy's sounds like a truly fantastic place :)

sherrieg said...

Thanks, Jessicah! For this and all of your sweet comments! I'll try the pin thing, and enlist my husband for help if that doesn't work! :)