Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Some Christmas decorating has been happening around here, in between napping, playing, laundry, and other regular activities. Pinecones, twigs, and red berries are among my favourite things. I'm over the kitschy stuff and like a more natural and cozy LLBean flavour these days.

Other than that, not too much exciting has taken place, other than the arrival of two Toast catalogues in today's mail. Ahhhhh. An expensive and beautiful assortment of necessities and un-necessities. And beautiful images, like this one, which stole my heart. I saw the catalogue mentioned on this blog, as part of a discussion about whether catalogues and images like this are beautiful and inspirational or made to make an average person feel inadequate (check out the comments). This was in response to a Times Online article. I think they're lovely images to enjoy and I am fully aware that standing in these beautiful socks (on a table?) with perfect artisan toast is not something that is part of my daily life. I also think that the vast majority of people are clever enough to realize that this isn't real life and it's a bit of an insult to assume that we (beautiful catalogue, magazine, and Martha junkies) are all dumb sheep. On to the catalogue perusing!

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