Saturday, November 10, 2007


If you were walking the streets of Yarmouth yesterday, you may have seen this pair of feet approaching.

Upon closer investigation, you may have seen this:And this little guy was hiding inside!
It was a day of firsts - it was the first time Phillip sat forward-facing in his stroller, which makes it a LOT easier to manoeuvre. It also means that I can't see his face without walking around front, which makes me just the tiniest bit sad. It was also Phillip's first time in a snowsuit, as it was a pretty chilly afternoon for a walk, so we wanted him well bundled. I love that the shade on the stroller goes right down to cover Phillip up, and he has a little window for peeking out of! I didn't realize until we tried him out in it that it was so cleverly designed. I love this stroller!


Virginia Tomsett said...

Hey sherrie,

It's virginia,

the blog you just posted, it was really chilly this morning, and surprisingly, it SNOWED later on, luckily Phillip had his snow suit :-P

Fr: virginia

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherrie, i looked and looked and for the life of my could not find an email to get in touch with you. Re-the tree silhoutte, you can do whatever your heart desires. :0)
I'm off now to have a read of your blog... Vera x

sherrieg said...

Thanks for your comments!

Virginia, I hope things are well, and I'll see you in January! Phillip enjoyed his first snow. :)

Thanks, Vera! I made a template somewhat similar to your idea and I"m hoping to get the whole thing assembled tomorrow. I'll definitely post when it's done!