Friday, November 16, 2007

spicy pumpkin bundt cake

This is perhaps the ugliest bundt cake in the history of bundt cakes. It was bundt day (how many times can I type 'bundt' in a single post?) on Martha yesterday, which I found out because I was watching to see Anna Maria Horner (whose blog I read) and her craft du jour, which was lovely fabric silhouettes. Anyhoo, I had been looking for recipes to use up the butter I made recently, the buttermilk from the process, and some extra pumpkin I roasted the other day. Turns out that Martha's recipe, Spicy Pumpkin Bundt Cake, could use everything up. So I made it, and it is AMAZINGLY delicious. The reason it's ugly is because it stuck to the pan, kind of fell apart, and the crumbs made the frosting crumby. Speaking of frosting, I added some cream cheese frosting (because that makes anything even better) and the combo is really, really good. And for both the cake and the frosting, I actually directly followed the recipes and didn't modify them at all! The cake recipe is here, and the frosting is here.

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