Sunday, January 27, 2008

chocolate peppermint and fruit smoothie handmade soap

I just updated my Etsy shop - Fruit Smoothie (top, hot process) and Chocolate Peppermint (below, cold process) are now available! $4 per bar at the shop! If you'd like some, head on over and order, and be sure to leave me some positive feedback once you receive and fall in love with the soap.


allison said...

With the cold vs hot process, is there a difference in the final product?

sherrieg said...

The main difference is how it looks - cold process soaps are smoother and more fudge-y looking. Hot process soaps are kind of fluffier (they're stirred after cooking and before being put in the molds). The nicest thing about hot process soaps is that they don't have the long curing period that cold process soaps do (the time that it takes for them to firm up and be useable). Both smell lovely, lather well, and are a treat!

Joanna Goddard said...

oooh so nice. and the photos are so sweet, too.