Saturday, January 26, 2008

how to buy spices

1. Go to your local health food store.

2. Ask for enough of organic spice X to fill a spice jar.

3. Buy spice-jar sized amount of organic spice for approximately 37 cents.

4. Be giddy that rather than buying a jar at the big food store, you
a) supported a local business (not so much by the 37 cents, but by the other necessities you picked up)
b) got only as much of the spice as you needed so that you don't have obscene amounts of stale spices in your drawer for six years
c) you have exactly the right amount to fill a jar you already have
d) you paid almost nothing for an organic spice rather than the $5 or so it would cost at aforementioned big store

The only better thing to do would be to grow your own and dry them or use them fresh!

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