Saturday, January 26, 2008

operation clean sweep at Frenchy's and a complete bedroom

Phillip insisted that he be included in the photo shoot in his snazzy pyjamas.Here are my favourite Frenchy's finds, perhaps ever. Yes, that's right - ever.
As you may know, the wall hanging is a pillowcase from Frenchy's, stuffed with a piece of cardboard. Yesterday, I found not only the two plates which match the pillowcase (!) but also the curtain (which is perfect and I love) and the ceramic dish which is now the home for my pet moss. Oh, and also the additional white pillowcase. (And the duvet cover, throw on the end of the bed, and the rest of the pillowcases are also from Frenchy's.)

OK - I am officially in love with my bedroom. It (to me, anyway) looks like something from the pages of Country Living, a magazine which I love. In case you're not familiar with the magazine, it's emphatically not Country Sampler. Rather than new junk masquerading as old junk, and cutesy early 90's type 'country' ugliness with tole painted loons and forest green and burgundy abounding (imho), Country Living is real old stuff and neat thrifted finds, put together in interesting ways. (In this month's issue, there's a salvage company in Maine I dream of visiting someday.) What do you think?

I also found a bunch of clothes at Frenchy's yesterday, including this t-shirt which I am also in love with, a little black cardigan, and a couple of new tank tops, some pyjama bottoms, and a couple other things I can't remember. All of which are things I will wear often. The best thing about these finds? I contributed to the used-rather-than-new clothing circle of life by reusing, and I spent less than $30 for everything. Yee-haw!

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Vickie LeBlanc said...

Oh you lucky girl. I love the curtain. A very beautiful room it is. I absolutely do not like the crafty country look (but some people do and I respect that). I love Farmhouse Country for our home (since our home is a 200 year old farmhouse). Another word for it is rustic country. Sometimes I wonder why I love rustic old things soooooo much.