Thursday, January 10, 2008

natural disinfectants and a happy bear

We've all been working hard around here lately... Phillip's been working on crawling (coming along nicely, thanks!) Adam's been looking after him, taking pictures (he took the one above), working, reading Dante and doing most of the housework, and I've been working and looking after Phillip (and making soap in all of my spare time). So we've all had our tongues out, working hard. Adam has been beyond amazing, (yet again) in making the transition back to work easier for me. He even made a housecleaning checklist to make sure that things like washing windows and floors and bedding gets done regularly. I beamed.

I just came across this information from The Green Guide about cleaning (specifically in the kitchen.) Did I mention to you all that my favourite Christmas gift was a giant bag of baking soda? Jackpot!

Here's a picture I took of Mr P after bath time tonight in a Christmas gift. Goodnight!


Annie said...

I'm so glad that little tongue of his still comes out once in a while. It's so cute!

ingrid said...

I love that photo with his tongue sticking out! It's classic Phillip.