Thursday, July 31, 2008


We had such a lovely time over the past few days. We went to Nigunak for two nights, where Adam was taking pictures for their new website. It was stunningly beautiful, quiet, and simply lovely. Nigunak is only accessible by a long boat ride, so it is quite remote. If you like camping, you'll love it there! There are many well-kept trails through the woods, water for swimming, and a daybed in the kitchen for naping on. What more could you ask? Two nights had me so relaxed that I felt as though I had been away for two weeks! Adam and P and I spent a lot of time in these chairs (mostly napping)...
A gorgeous stone fireplace (it was way too hot to light a fire, though.)

There is no electricity there, so these beautiful kerosene lanterns are throughout the camp, and of course the handy containers for new and spent matches. The red one was my favourite.

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