Friday, July 18, 2008

soapy news and a couple of fun new things

I bought this great bag for $5 today. I love summer sales! It's perfect for throwing my wallet, keys, phone, and a book in, and there's lots of room for a couple of diapers, some snacks, and Phillip's water bottle. It's tricky to see through the pattern, but the shape is similar to this beautiful bag which I adore, but couldn't afford. And can you see Phillip in the picture?
Phillip and I went walking downtown today, amongst the Seafest fun, and we stopped at Frenchy's. I found this super-cute summer skirt and a few things for P.

Yipee! My soaps are now available at Yarmouth Natural on Jenkins Street in downtown Yarmouth! They have Spiced Rum Shaving Soap, Happy Carrot Complexion Soap, Simple Simon, and Chai Tea bars in stock, and I have some Chocolate Peppermint and Cherry Almond bars which are curing and will be delivered mid-August.


jesse luke said...

Cute bag! Where'd you get it?

And congrats on having your soaps at the health food store. That's excellent!

ingrid said...

That was me, and not Jesse Luke.

Anonymous said...

Oh what an adorable bag! I'm so happy you have it... fun, fun, fun!

Daisy Cottage